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  • Nicely and tastefully designed folders for storing food or drink menus are one of the first calling cards of a restaurant. They add to the overall impression and pleasant experience of visiting a gastronomic establishment.

We offer:

Polypropylene menu boards

Very durable and good looking design with riveted pockets – printing: 1-4 colours, screen printing 1-2 colours (offset from 300 pcs), number of pockets: 4-10, closed size: 190 × 285 mm
with elastic band for inserting double sheets – printing: 1-4 colours, number of pockets: 2 self-adhesive (with elastic band), 2 sewn (without elastic band), size of closed folders: 118 × 220 mm (with elastic band), 150 × 220 mm (without elastic band)


In this design, the outer and inner cover is standard paper with 4-colour printing with durable lamination; interestingly, the boards are also available with wood decoration (here 1-colour printing or embossing is possible).

  • Number of pockets: 4-10
  • dimensions of closed boards: 190 × 285 mm, 195 × 225 mm, 250 × 315 mm
  • these boards are characterised by the fixing of the pockets with screws or rivets
  • in the case of a requirement for a luxury version (from 200 pieces), the plates can be softened

Plastic menu boards

Plastic menu boards are a very durable design with easy maintenance.

  • Surface: plastic film, 1-2 colour printing, embossing
  • Methods of pocket attachment:
    The pockets are attached with screws.
    Screw heads are on the front plate.
    Number of pockets: 4 to 10
    Dimensions of closed plates: 185×315 mm
  • The pockets are secured with a drawstring.
    Number of pockets: 4 to 10
    Dimensions of closed plates: 240×315 mm
    Size of closed panels: 240×315 mm


The most luxurious version of menu boards.

  • Surface: leatherette, 1-2 color printing, embossing
  • pockets are attached with cord or screws
  • number of pockets: 4-10
  • size of closed plates: 240 × 315 mm

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